Chateau Sakaori was founded in 1991 on a high ground from where the entirety of Kofu can be seen. It makes use of equipment brought in from many countries and a network of global manufacturers in order to produce world-class Japanese wine.
Its “Tsuki no Shiro” series includes 5 different brands, all of them known for making wine that is easy to drink. The “Sakaori Monogatari”, made with local grapes, and the “Koshu Dry”, which was presented during the Ise-Shima Summit, are also much sought after.
During the free winery tour, it is possible to witness the wine making process, from the production facilities to the underground cellar.
We also have a tasting section available. Gazing upon the far southern alps while tasting our wine is a superb experience.
All sorts of Sakaori original products are sold within the shop.

[Winery tour information] (As of February of 2017) Reception open from 9:00 to 16:00
– Free observation (No cost, approx. 15 minutes)
Experience the course at your own leisure.
– Winery tour lead by the staff (No cost, approx. 20 minutes) *Reservation required for group visits.
The staff will guide you through the course.
*Take place every 30 minutes on any day.
– Winery tour lead by wine makers (1,500 JPY per visitor, approx. 2 hours) *Reservation required.
The wine making staff who carry out the brewing process every day will guide you through the course. With them you can learn more about the equipment and the areas that are not normally available to the public.
*Only available during the second and fourth Saturdays and Sundays of the month.