Kofu City Fujimura Memorial Hall was originally built as a school building in 1875 and currently displays documents and educational materials of Shiro Fujimura, the first governor of Yamanashi Prefecture.
It is recognized as an important cultural property of the country. The reproduction of the state of the classroom at the time, valuable items donated by Fujimura family, goods that Shurou Fujimura loved, are exhibited.
The style of this building is a Giyofu architecture, which Western style and Japanese style architecture are combined in early Meiji era. Since Fujimura Shiro actively promoted this style people call it “Fujimura-style Architecture” in Yamanashi Prefecture. In the center of Kofu city, many government buildings, schools and merchant buildings were built in this style from the early to the middle of the Meiji era. At that time, British diplomat Ernest Sato who visited Kofu saw the cityscape and wrote in his diary, “The number of buildings imitated the Western architecture in this town is Japan’s largest as far as I know, from the scale of this town.” It tells us that Fujimura-style architecture was created in a short period of time after the first appearance, and there were strong desires to adopt the new culture at that time and excellent carpenters were capable of building Western style buildings nearby.
Fujimura Memorial Museum is a 1-minute walk from Kofu Station, so please stop by.