【“Furouen” – a plum garden with a view of Mt. Fuji rich in culture】
From Sakaori station, one station to Tokyo station from Kofu station, about seven minutes by walk. Furouen is the Yamanashi’s biggest plum garden, about 50 thousand square meters in mountainous district, only opening limited season from February to March beginning to bloom. Plums as well as cherry blossoms are typically Japanese flowers to tell us the coming of spring. Walking in the park with plums’ scent, there are more than 20 kinds, about 3,200 plums such as red plum, small plum, couple plum, Bungo plum, rare Chinese Kokakubai, Ryoku kaku bai etc, that coloring the park tells us the coming of spring. From the middle of the park, you can see a superb view of Mt. Fuji, amazing contrast of the view of Mt. Fuji and the plums.