Kofu Yuki Park Zoo is the fourth oldest zoo in Japan that was established in 1919.
It is an urban zoo located almost in the center of Kofu City. The premises are not so wide about 14,000 m², but it is a zoo where anyone can enjoy while watching animals closely.
Currently, about 55 kinds of animals such as mammals; lesser panda, elephant, and birds, reptiles, etc. are there.
There are also “open square” where you can feed and touch animals and “Children’s Playground” with vehicles and games.

◆ ◇ Petit Information ◇ ◆ ◆
Asian elephant named “Taru” came from the zoo of Laos in 1980. When an elephant previously in our zoo died, the local children were missing it. So people donated 3 million yen for “elephant’s purchase expenses” , about 2 years later two baby elephants arrived to our zoo. The baby elephants were cute females of 8 months old and 1 year old.
The bigger elephant of these two was named “Teru” and the other one was named “Mimi”. “Mimi” died in 2000 but “Taru” is still fine still and welcomes people as soon as enter the zoo. In addition, “Mew” a snow leopard that only 21 left in Japan is arriving in March 2017.