“Yakujizō” is a familiar name of the grand festival beloved by the people of Kōfu.

Normally people don’t hear about this particular guardian deity, however, between the noon of the 13th of February until the 14th of February in a full 24 hours, if one should open their ears they would hear the wishes and prayers of pious men and women who wish to be protected from misfortune. The grand festival was based from this very act, and has gathered many pilgrims from across the country in order to pray.

It is said that boys and girls who are born on an unlucky year are able to wipe away their misfortune through the offering of either a one-yen coin, a piece of (round) candy, or other similarly rounded objects, followed with a prayer afterwards. This ritual has been practiced even up until today.

The guardian deity who hears the prayer of all, its statue is known to be peculiarly lacquered with hardwood or a gold covering, has been considered to be a cultural treasure of the prefecture.

Date:February 13 (Noon) ~ February 14 (Noon)
Venue:Entakuji Temple(Yumura 3-17-2)
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