Taking place every April, Shingen-ko Festival is the world’s largest samurai parade. It is an extremely popular event for both Japanese and foreign tourists alike, and has even been certified by the Guinness World Records!
The purpose of the parade is to commemorate the outstanding virtue in battle exhibited by Takeda Shingen – a warlord from the Kai Province (nowadays known as Yamanashi Prefecture), whose anniversary of death falls on the 12th April. The parade boasts more than 1,500 participants, and features a magnificent re-enactment of Takeda Shingen’s troops being deployed to the famous Kawanakajima battlefield, and passes through various places in the region along the way.
The sight of hundreds of warriors – each fully armed with samurai helmets, guns, spears and bows, and flying the famous ‘Furin Kazan’ standard against the glowing red backdrop of the watch-fire, is certainly not an experience to be missed, allowing spectators to be vividly transported back in time to Sengoku era Japan.
Shingen-ko Festival is also the largest festival in Yamanashi Prefecture, attracting thousands of tourists each year.

【Date】The first ten days of April each year
【Location】Maizuru Castle Park、along Heiwa-dori Street
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