The parade will be held on April 12th, the death of Takeda Shingen together with a festival of Takeda Shrine where Takeda Shingen was enshrined at the remains of Takeda Family house.
Takeda clan used to have many great vassals known as Takeda’s 24 commanders in Shingen’s generation. 24 men selected from public dress as the warlords and march from Takeda Shrine and the city together with a portable shrine.
People along side the street will cheer Takeda Shingen and 24 warlords wearing armour and riding horses.
Please enjoy the parade by the strongest worriers of the civil war era, Takeda Shingen and his warlords.
[As of July 2018]

◆ Day: April 12 (Cancelled when raining)
◆ Venue: Takeda Street, Heiwa Street and others