The great legendary warrior Shingen Takeda from 16C was also known to be deeply religious, he took five temples of Kofu under his wing, and named them “”Five mountains of Kofu””.
Toko Temple was one of them. With rich history behind it, this temple houses many cultural treasures to this day.
Its Buddha Hall is one of the nation’s important cultural properties. Also the expansive and picturesque garden, with a perfect landscape of zen, is known as a special place of scenic beauty, one of the best in Yamanashi prefecture.
Immersed in green, the pond and strategically placed stones of all sizes create perfect harmony. The waterfall at the center of the garden depict the legendary carp of Yellow River in China transforming itself into a dragon. You will also find stones in the shape of a boat, a turtle and a crane on the pond.
The garden demonstrates its distinct beauty during each of four seasons.
You will truly feel the zen spirit, immersed in the serene tranquility of this splendid garden.
Inside the premises of Toko Temple, there are also a Bodai Temple of Shingen’s heir Yoshinobu, and a Bodai Temple of another famous samurai warrior Yorishige Suwa. Suwa’s wife was Shingen’s sister, so this temple was closely connected to the entire family of Takeda.