Takeda Nobutora, father of a great commander Takeda Shingen during Sengoku Era, built his mansion at Tsutsujigasaki and built up the area as Fuchu of Kai in 1519, Kofu city has celebrated the 500th year in 2019.

To celebrate this occasion, and to appeal the work of Takeda Nobutora who built up Kofu city, a bronze statue of Takeda Nobutora has been set at the Kofu Station North Exit Yocchabare Plaza.

The statue is to turn his back to the mansion of Tsutsujigasaki (current Takeda Shrine) with his commander’s fan in his right hand and is faving Mt. Fuji where he had climbed up after he unified the Kai area.

In addition, there is a statue of Takeda Shingen at the Kofu Sation South Exit, which is also one of a famous sightseeing spot.

Please come and see the statues when you visit Kofu City.