One of the famous tourism spot in Kofu city – “Takeda shrine.” It is a shrine to enshrine Mr. Takeda Shingen, the strongest commander of Sengoku era as a deity. In the beginning of April every year, cherry blossoms fully blooms on the both side of “Takeda Street”; a road from the north exit of JR Kofu station to Takeda shrine, overlooking a pink scenery. In this season, it is recommended for you to walk around Takeda Street and Takeda shrine step by step.

【Takeda shrine】
Address: Kofuchumachi 2611, Kofu city, Yamanashi
Opening hour/ 9:00-16:30 (Treasure house)
Contact: Kofu city tourist association Tell 055-226-6550 / Kofu city tourism section Tell 055-237-5702
【Kofu city tourism information】