Best place for see Yozakura, the illuminated cherry blossom at night



小瀬スポーツ公園 春


The spring, Japan – Cherry blossom. We Japanese have true passion for cherry blossom viewing. From late March to early April, even people who are not usually interested in flower look up cherry blossom and enjoy parties with admiring flowers.
Of course, the cherry blossom is beautiful in a daytime, have you ever heard of the best beautiful “Yozakura” cherry blossom illuminated by the moon at night is? Best place for Yozakura in Kofu is “Kose Sports Park.” Kose Sports Park is one of the places for cherry blossom in Kofu city, and there are about 550 cherry blossom trees over the park.
During the peak bloom period, a big crowd enjoy Yozakura every year. When the cherry blossom is blooming, the rows of cherry blossom lit up (from 18:00 till 21:30) make it more beautiful. Why don’t you enjoy every minute of spring night in the fantastic scenery?
【Kose Sports Park】
Location/ Kosecho 840, Kofu city
Tell/ 055-243-3111 (main)