◆ ◇ Japanese summer festival “Tanabata Festival” ◇ ◆
“Tanabata Festival” held on July 7th every year.
The festival is commonly called “Tanabata”, but sometimes it reads “Shichikiki”.
The history of the festival is very old, it has been cherished for a long time in festival events in Japan.

The origin of this festival comes from the fact that two stars (Shukujo-sei and Kengyu-sei) are the closest on July 7 in the year. People wish for improvement of their handicrafts and skills. Even now, on the evening of July 7 every year, hanging strips and decorations on a bamboo pole and praying to the stars remains as a custom.
In Kofu city, the Tanabata Festival is held grandly on the Ginza shopping streets for several days including July 7 every year. Colored flowers and streamers decorate Kofu station and central shopping streets and the city becomes gorgeous. On the evening of July 7, various stalls are in on line and many people enjoy watching the summer festival.
“Yukata” Japanese style outfit in summer also makes the festival unique. The Tanabata Festival is crowded with people wearing Yukata. Since there are places where you can hire Yukata, you may wear Yukata and join the festival.

AddressKofu Central Shopping district etc. 【Date】Before and after the 7th July every year ※ There are various events during the festival period. The time depends on the type of event

AccessFrom JR Kofu Station 10 minutes on foot / From Fujisan Station (Fujikyuko Line) about one hour by car

ContactKofu City Tourism Dep. TEL: 055-237-5702 / Kofu City Tourism Association TEL: 055-226-6550


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