At the mention of June, one would quickly think of the beautiful corn season in Kōfu. Regarded as one of the prided crop in Yamanashi Prefecture for its bountiful harvest, the “Kimihime” corn, it is boasted to have the same overflowing sweetness as other fruits.

During harvest season which happens during early June, the “Fudoki Hill Corn Fair” is held annually. Not only does the event serve the Kimihime corn as samples, free popcorn and other servings of in-season products can be experienced here in the fair – one of the treasured cultural event in Japan ♪

【Kōfu Certified Kimihime ‘Daifuku’】

The “Kimihime” corn native to the city of Kōfu is known to have a high degree of sugar-level (sweetness level of 19 according to a Japanese sugar-content measurement) and can be enjoyed raw still full of its sweetness.

The “Kimihime Daifuku” is a mochi dessert using the juicy Kimihime corn, filled with a generous amount of red bean paste. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the depth of flavor of the Kimihime corn, the sweetness of the corn is usually adjusted to blend together with the sweetness of the red bean paste, matching their flavors just right.

【Kōfu Certified Shunka Roll】

Apart from byproducts of the Kimihime corn, a roll cake using local peaches, pears, and other fruits in season can be found here in the region. Not only does it look amazing, but the texture will be something to look forward to and enjoy.

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This article is reprinted from JAPAN TIMELINE