Built in Shosenkyo in 1992, the Forest Art Museum was named as the world’s first shadow art gallery by Guinness World Records in 1994. Visitors to this museum will not only enjoy the scenery of Shosenkyo, which sings of the beauty of Japan’s valleys- they will find a new beauty awaiting them as well. Inside the museum, in addition to the permanent exhibitions of Seiji Fushiro’s shadow art, Kiyoshi Yamashita’s decolletage and pen pieces, and Yumeji Takehisa’s Japanese drawings, every April a new artist is chosen to have their work displayed in the museum until March of next year. All together the works from these four artists total around over 100 pieces. Unlike an ordinary museum, the dark rooms hung with photos that are illuminated from behind give off an aura of fantasticism and mystery. The gallery’s sales area is linked to the roadside “Forest Station,” so the museum is easy and quick to access. *Seiji Fujishito is known as the very first shadow picture artist. Using the fundamental elements of light and shadow, his works capture an allure not seen in other art. Kiyoshi Yamashita (known as the Gogh of Japan) specialized in vivid colour schemes and his unique technique- using no rough drafts, he turned the images in his mind directly into art. He visited Shosenkyo often during his lifetime, and left several art pieces related to the area. YumejinTakehisa, a traditional Japanese artist who focused on depictions of beautiful women, is known as the first “bijinga” (drawings of beautiful women) artist in Japan.

Entrance feeAdults 800 Yen, Middle Schoolers 500 Yen, Grade Schoolers 400 Yen, Kindergarteners 200 Yen (As of September 2016)

Business hours9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM (No buisness holidays year round)

AddressLocation Kofu City Takanari-cho 1035-2

AccessTrain: Take the bus from JR Kofu Station Car: 40 minutes away from Chuo expressway Kofu Showa IC, around 30 minutes away from Futaba Smart IC

ContactKofu City Tourism Association Telephone: 055-266-6550 Kofu City Tourism Chapter Telephone: 055-237-5702


NoteFacility Phone Number: 055-287-2511

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