Inside the “Hill of Happiness: Ariansu” lies the “Ivory Sculpture Museum.” After their import was banned under the Washington Convention, these sculptures are now very rare and valuable. There are very few ivory museums world wide, and inside the museum lie several ivory sculptures and mamoth tusks from around 30,000 ~50,000 years ago unearthed in Siberia. Some of its more famous pieces include one of the world’s seven wonders, the
“26 layered hollowed gem” and the 3 metre 50 cm high “Horyuji Temple Five Layered Padagoa.” It’s the epitome of exquisite craftsmanship- the more you look, the more details you find. There’s a hill in the park and an observation deck, from which you can see the rolling land of Yamanashi. There’s even a golfing range, restaurants, and several shops selling local goods to ensure your trip has everything you want. There’s parking for busses and vans, and group tours are more than welcome! The museum is easily accesible from the highway, so you can stop by whenever .

Entrance feeAdults: 500 yen Middle/High Schoolers: 200 yen Grade Schoolers: Free Groups (above 15 people) 400 yen per adult

Business hours9:30~17:00 (Entry is possible until 4:30 PM) Open the entire year (except from December 29th ~ 31st) There may also be unexpected holidays

AddressAsahi 4011 Uenoshi-cho Kofu City

AccessOne minute by car away from the Southern Kofu Central Motorway

ContactKofu City Tourism Chapter TEL: 055-237-5702 / Kofu City Tourism Association Telephone 055-226-6550


This article is reprinted from JAPAN TIMELINE